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  • As a foreigner coming to the Philippines for surgery, I had my doubts. As soon as I personally saw their facility, I could go no where else. This place is the best.

    Australian-pro, Hawaii
    United States
  • My friend had the same surgery at one of their competitors for much less.  She is now going to have it done correctly at Beverly Hills Medical Group  to get the results that I received. 

    United States
  • As the surgeon had explained to me, the anatomical implants had enabled him to keep my original breast shape and just increase the volume, making me go from a small A cup to a C cup. Because I am rather small and slender, I had said that I bsantioso, Guam

  • Dr. Del was so nice and made me feel really relaxed. I have gone from a 34B to a 34D and they look so natural (just like he assured me), even my husband who didn't want me to have the operation done thinks they're great!! If it weren't for BHM...

    Stella B., Belgium
  • Hi Im Abi. Forever it seems, Im only 20 years old, I have been waiting for my breasts to ...

    Abi Praise K., Australia
  • I am very pleased with the treatment. The staffs made it easy for me. I would recommend the center because everything is here.

  • Perineorrhaphy (Vaginal Tightening)

    What is Perineorrhaphy?

    Perineorrhaphy is the surgical repair of perineal lacerations and of vaginal opening looseness. It is a reconstruction of the muscles and tissues at the opening of the vagina. The procedure is very good at decreasing the size of the vaginal opening and does not reduce sensation.

    Effects of Perineorrhaphy

    This is a procedure repairing the opening of the vagina which may be done under conditions where the woman complains of urinary incontinence, vaginal dryness, and unpleasurable intercourse or sexual dysfunction due to looseness of the perineum (stretching of the vaginal opening). Perineorrhaphy allows for the tightening of the vaginal opening and its surrounding structures.

    Candidates for Perineorrhaphy

    Perineorrhaphy is a surgical procedure done to address perineal body relaxation manifesting in women having wide and relaxed vaginal openings which may lead to weakness of the pelvic support structures or prolapse. Perineal lacerations and looseness may be experienced by women who:

    • Have had multiple child births
    • Experienced injury and strain during childbirth (long difficult labors in the pushing stage)
    • Gave birth to large babies
    • Have had inadequately or incompletely healed episiotomies performed at the time of childbirth
    • Are in their advanced age
    • Have hormonal insufficiencies
    • Are obese
    • Are engaged in strenuous physical activity