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  •  I JUST WANTED TO FEEL LIKE A SEXY ATTRACTIVE WOMAN! Beverly Hills Medical Group made it all happen at a price I still cant  believe.

    Jenmiya92, Japan
  • The travel to Manila was long but well worth the trip.  BHMGs prices and the facility are amazing and the results knocked my socks off.  I cant thank you enough.

    K. Sweiss, Germany
  • I never had four nurses tend to my every need.  I was pampered throughout my short stay and the prices were great – everyone I had talked to had the same comment (That’s it.  That’s all you paid?)  

    J Garcia
    American Samoa
  • Thank you for getting all my lab tests done in a timely manner.  Your staff were very attentive to my needs.

    A. Yudyuhono
  • I am pleased with the treatment. The center is highly recommended. Thanks to Dra. Mendoza and Princess.
    J. Bowen
  • For what I paid for and what I received.............I would have gladly paid much more.  Beverly Hills Medical Group is fantastic.

    inacute, New Zealand
    New Zealand

Developed by the founders of Beverly Hills Advanced Surgery Institute, Inc. (BHASI), BEVERLY HILLS MEDICAL GROUP (BHMG) is an international model for the modern Multi Specialty Surgery Center and is Asia's Largest U.S. based, managed and operated facility.

Beverly Hills Advanced Surgery Institute (BHASI) has been regularly featured in Dr 90210, Extreme Makeover, Discovery Channel, and The Lifetime Channel. BHASI Surgeons have been guest contributors on Oprah, THe Tyra Banks Show, Montel Williams, Extra, Inside Edition, Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood and CNN's Larry King LIve.