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  • I didn’t think a facility like this could exist outside of the U.S.  Excellent results, superb facilities, extremely caring staff and the best thing of all your prices.               M. Aisthorpe

United Kingdom
  • "First class service"

    Its rare today to find a medical facility that do exactly what they say they will do. I was pleasantly surprised to find that in Beverly Hills medical Group. ...

    United States
  • My breasts grew bigger and saggier with each pregnancy. I had lots of problems getting my clothes to fit and for several years had suffered with quite a lot of back and neck pain. Finally, I decided to take care and reward mys...

    E. McNown, Ireland
  • I really liked the staff at BHMG.  You were all very caring and surprisingly very funny and put me at ease.  My new nose looks great, actually better than what I expected. It looks so natural that I keep asking myself why it took me ...

    Rickextreme, USA
    United States
  • And how do I feel now? Quite simply FANTASTIC! Its been 3 weeks later and my breasts look great. The scars are nearly invisible and healing very well. Im still wearing sports bras for comforts sake but even with their soft cup...

    Jeri H., Australia
  • The nursing staff was great.  I never felt so safe during a surgical procedure before.  Thank for making my experience with you guys so personable.

    Downsouth21, USA
    United States
  • Cosmetic Surgery