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  • I saved more than 70% on all my treatments. I had a full mouth of new crowns and veneers. My smile looks amazing. I will go back for more treatments and get a full makeover

    United Kingdom
  • "Definitely recommend"

    I felt very fortunate to have known Beverly Hills Medical Group to do my dental work. Not only did they take care of my immediate needs, Nicest dentist and staff I've ...

    Cherrie, US
    United States
  • Everybody at the clinic was so friendly and helpful and I felt completely at ease. The care and service was excellent, unlike the hospitals in Australia believe me I speak from experience!

    It would ma...

    Shih A., Australia
  • I feel and look 20 years younger.  My facelift was so natural that people would never know I had surgery.  I am looking forward to have more treatments done in the future.  You guys are great.

    Cl. Sedon, Guam
  • I am very pleased with my treatment and all the caring that this facility provided for me. I will absolutely recommend this center now that we've done all the procedures and experienced your excellent facility. Rica, Angel and all other staff,...

  • Its thanks to a friend that I had the contact details of Beverly Medical Group. I had the consultation and surgery during the same trip to Makati. This was made possible as I was chatting with them on-line for a few m...

    Gina B., Australia

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