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  • It is now 12 months since you gave me that great gift. It has made such a difference to me that I cannot express my gratitude enough. My wife & I have been telling others of your fantastic clinic but no one has acted yet. I know it will happen.
    J. Pollard
  • Please schedule me for my next visit as I would like to try your other services.  My experience there was quite memorable.  

    E. Langmeil
  • My face looks great after just a few of your Dermatology sessions.  Im looking forward to trying your other services. 

    R Licaros
  • I had my Botox treatment and it was the best experience. Very knowledgeable and honest. Answered all my questions and concerns. Very satisfied as I always am with this group. I have tried others in Manila and trust me for the price and the en...

    United States
  • Every other surgeon I went to wanted to sell me everything and anything and all I wanted was a breast reconstruction.  The medical staff at BHMG spent two hours with me during my consultation and answered all my questions.  The price was competitive but the faci...

  •  I wish I had a longer vacation so I could have done more of your services.  I cant wait to come back.    

    E. Darley

Cosmetic Surgery