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  • My name is Sheila and Im 37. For years I wanted to have lipo done to get rid of the just hard to get places.  Several of my friends and my brother have had it done. Some are happy and others not so happy with the results.  I think th...

    L. L., Canada
  • Very positive experience. Best staff.  I wish I could take my personal recovery room nurse home.

    M Koenig
    South Africa
  • I am very pleased with my treatment. From inquiry to follow ups, the quality of service provided was excellent, and for that I will definitely return for another treatment. All of the staff are very helpful.

  • I cant begin to say how brilliant my experience was at Beverly Hills Medical Group. Everyone you meet in there is instantly your best friend. I think the best bit for me was not being told I was getting put sleep it just happened (I still dont...

    D. M. Trong, China
  • My aunt ranted and raved about you guys.  She was telling the truth as my experience was the same if not better.      

    G. Primero
  • The Staff was great.  Very helpful and very attentive.  It was a great experience and a pleasure.             

    K. Mapley

Bilateral Tubal Ligation