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  • "Definitely recommend"

    I felt very fortunate to have known Beverly Hills Medical Group to do my dental work. Not only did they take care of my immediate needs, Nicest dentist and staff I've ...

    Cherrie, US
    United States
  • My friend and I, unbeknown to both of us, went to two different facilities to have the same rhino surgery.  Unfortunately for her, she did not check the credentials of her surgeon and she did not get the results that she was expecting and...

    E Santos, Philippines
  • My Liposculpture procedure was carried out by my surgeon who changed me from a size 16 to a size 12 and have completely renovated my wardrobe. So thank you to all at Ghreat33, Sweden

  • I am very pleased with my treatment and all the caring that this facility provided for me. I will absolutely recommend this center now that we've done all the procedures and experienced your excellent facility. Rica, Angel and all other staff,...

  • For what I paid for and what I received.............I would have gladly paid much more.  Beverly Hills Medical Group is fantastic.

    inacute, New Zealand
    New Zealand
  • Please anybody considering any kind of cosmetic surgery, go on-line and start chatting with BHMG.  Theyre all wonderful and were able to answer all my questions pending an actual consultation.  Despite the many times...

    S. Couche, Canada
  • Bilateral Tubal Ligation