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  • "Definitely recommend"

    The dental treatment I received was fantastic! I traveled from Canada and planned on staying for less than a week to have all my dental work done and I confess that I ...

    Terry, Canada
  • The medical staff went to great lengths to make sure I understood the surgical procedure I was about to undertake.  He spent more than two hours during my consultation and was very patient with all my questions.  I had the procedure done at Beverly three days af...

    pida8234, Qatar
  • Brutally honest with the pre-surgery candidacy requirements.  I was disappointed that I was not allowed to have surgery.  My family was grateful that you did not put me at risk.  I will be back in 6 months so I have time to take care of my health and hopefu...

    Nicdao A., Canada
  • I was in Manila on business and my molar just split in two.  I called Beverly Hills Medical Group and they saw me right away even though it was late.  I got repaired and also had a few root canals.  This place is great.  Fa...

    BenMac, Saudi Arabia
    Saudi Arabia
  • The Staff was great.  Very helpful and very attentive.  It was a great experience and a pleasure.             

    K. Mapley
  • Me and my husband have just come back from Beverly Hills Medical Group and had some Dental work done.  We both got full Veneers and now have just the best smiles. I cannot thank the staff enough as they were all so friendly and attended t...

    Harian, Qatar

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