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  • I traveled to Manila based on a referral from a friend that had surgery at Beverly Hills Medical Group. My friend has had two surgeries there now and she always rants and raves about how Beverly Hills Medical Group was the place to go.  After my surgical experience,&...

  • Please anybody considering any kind of cosmetic surgery, go on-line and start chatting with BHMG.  Theyre all wonderful and were able to answer all my questions pending an actual consultation.  Despite the many times...

    S. Couche, Canada
  • Ive read most of the reviews and a lot of people talk about how clean the place is.  When I arrived, the place was immaculate and smelled great.  I know it doesnt make much sense but I chose you guys because of your cleanliness. ...

    Adelaide21, Australia
  • Everyone at the surgery center was polite and answered all my questions without hesitation. The staff communicated very efficiently from the beginning.  I am more than satisfied with the service but equally more excited about the results....

    A. Sarmiento
    United States
  • I'm a medical practitioner in the US and had my surgery done at your facility.  Your facility is world class as I haven’t seen one like this in the US let alone the world.  Your staff and service was out of this world. 

    V. Cocabo
    United States
  • I am satisfied with my treatment. I will recommend BHMG to my relatives and friends. The staffs are all friendly and the center has a good location.

Dr. Blossom Chan

Dr. Blossom Chan

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Dr. Blossom Tian Chan graduated from the University of the Philippines in 1986 and had both her Internship (1987) and Residency (1993) at the Philippine General Hospital. Board-certified by the Philippine Board of Dermatology (1994), she also took the Physicians’ Licensure Exam in 1987. She has won several awards such as the Young Investigator Award in the 10th Asian Australasian Dermatology Convention (1992), and the Tuklas Award (1996) both for her Akapulko Study*. Since 1994, she has been a lecturer of the UPEC Board Review – Dermatology, and is currently a visiting consultant at the Cardinal Santos Memorial Hospital.