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  • Love the staff.  You made me feel so comfortable.

    V. Allard
  • I saved more than 70% on all my treatments. I had a full mouth of new crowns and veneers. My smile looks amazing. I will go back for more treatments and get a full makeover

    United Kingdom
  • My surgeon was the best as he had to correct all the previous surgeries done by other so called cosmetic surgeons.    

    G. Safford
    United States
  • Third trip to Manila to get procedures done at Beverly Hills Medical Group.  I am so comfortable having my procedures done with you guys that I wouldnt do it anywhere else.  This time I had my gynecomastia.  I look great with my shirt off.  Thanks agai...

    Lambert R., Guam
  • I really enjoyed my stay at Beverly Hills Medical Group.  Everyone was nice and friendly.

    C. Calaog
    United Arab Emirates
  • "Cleanings, root canals, crowns, and dental posts"

    My husband and I traveled to Manila and had a considerable amount of dental work done which included cleanings, root canals, crow...

Dr. Blossom Chan

Dr. Blossom Chan

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Dr. Blossom Tian Chan graduated from the University of the Philippines in 1986 and had both her Internship (1987) and Residency (1993) at the Philippine General Hospital. Board-certified by the Philippine Board of Dermatology (1994), she also took the Physicians’ Licensure Exam in 1987. She has won several awards such as the Young Investigator Award in the 10th Asian Australasian Dermatology Convention (1992), and the Tuklas Award (1996) both for her Akapulko Study*. Since 1994, she has been a lecturer of the UPEC Board Review – Dermatology, and is currently a visiting consultant at the Cardinal Santos Memorial Hospital.