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The Condition

A scar is a mark left on the skin due to the healing of injured tissue caused by burn, injury, or surgery.  Collagen is the reason why scars stand out on the skin, causing it to have a darker color.

There are different types of scars.  There are atrophic scars which are thin or flat; hypertrophic scars which are red, raised, thick and are within the edges of the wound; contracture scars which occur when large areas of skin are lost and where the edges of the remaining skin are pulled tightly together; and keloid scars which are pink, raised scars resulting from excessive tissue repair.

Scar appearance is dependent on various factors like size and depth of wound, blood supply to that area and thickness and color of skin.  Those are also the factors determining the success of scar revision treatments.

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Treatments Available

- Vascular-specific Laser Treatment
- Carbon Dioxide Laser Treatment
Non-ablative Laser Treatment

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Why are scars a problem?

A:  Scars limit movement and most usually causes pain to the patient preventing them from executing their usual daily tasks the same way.

Q:  What is the difference of scar tissue from other tissue?

A:  Normal tissue can be dense with regular elongated fibers running in the same direction or dense, irregular and loose with fibers in multiple directions.  Scar tissue meanwhile has a haphazard pattern resulting in restricted movement and maybe pain.

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